About Us


Hanger Alley is online clothing store headquarted in downtown Silver Spring, right outside of Washington DC. Hanger Alley will open it's first boutique in Historic Fells Points in Baltimore Maryland November 5, 2011.

Hanger Alley  finds unique women's clothing and accessories from the fashion hubs of New York City and Los Angeles, and gives women everywhere access to purchase these unique finds at affordable prices. Hanger Alley is your unique online clothing store. Please check out our favorite song of the week on Hanger Alley Radio.

About Our Founder:

Fierce, fashionable, and completely passionate about unique clothing is, Nichole Daley the Founder of the online boutique, Hanger Alley. Growing up in Washington DC, She spent summers as a kid in New York City, a short period in Los Angeles post high school and retreated back to New York City in 2002. Living in the fashion meccas for both coasts, with access to one-of-a-kind fashion and pieces, she grew her own personal collection to what it is today - unique, creative and full of personality.

For years Nichole had fashion at her fingertips, but once back in Washington DC and starting her career, she turned to the internet to keep her closet up to date and fresh. Finding the right pieces online was not easy; it required dedication and time, which she made a point to do. Any fashionista would!

Her rooted passion for fashion, online shopping interest coupled with an entrepreneurial flare, was the perfect match for creating the online boutique Hanger Alley. She strives to share her passion with other women, specializing in finding exceptional and fashionable clothing and accessories at an affordable price.

In her spare time, Nichole loves listening to music and going to shows. You can find her favorite songs of the week on her website at the Hanger Alley Radio.

For more information about Hanger Alley, please utilize the contact us link on this website.